It's true: Study shows, women prefer tall men to short men.

Study: Yancey, George A. and Michael O. Emerson. “Does Height Matter? An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling.” Journal of Family Issues 37 (2016): 53 - 73.

Original Article: ScienceDaily

"The literature has widely established that women prefer tall men to short men. Stulp and colleagues (2013), for example, found that among 650 heterosexual college students, women generally preferred taller men and didn't want to be in a relationship with a man shorter than they were." (PsychologyToday)

"Women may not believe short men can be bad boys. It’s as if the ability to win a physical fight—to overpower another man—is part and parcel of who the bad boy is." (PsychologyToday)

Study Background

"Part one used data from the Yahoo! personal dating advertisements of 455 males (average height of 5 feet 8 inches and average age of 36 years) and 470 females (average height of 5 feet 4 inches and average age of 35 years) from throughout the U.S." (ScienceDaily)

"The second part of the study included 54 male (average height of 5 feet 9 inches) and 131 female volunteers (average height of 5 feet 4 inches) recruited from a U.S. university. The participants answered open-ended questions in an online survey." (ScienceDaily)


"According to the study data, the dominant reasons females cited for preferring a tall partner are matters of protection and femininity." (ScienceDaily)

  • "48.9% of women restricted their online dating searches to men who were taller than them

  • 13.5% of men wouldn’t consider a taller woman

  • Out of all 925 people, only three left the “desired height” category blank

When the same team took a survey of 181 college students:

  • 29% of women said they would feel “awkward” or “weird” dating a shorter guy

  • 55% of women said they only wanted to date men who were taller

  • 37% of men said they would only go out with women who were shorter." (NewRepublic)

"Something just feels weird in thinking about looking 'down' into my man's eyes. There is also something to be said about being able to wear shoes with high heels and still being shorter. I also want to be able to hug him with my arms reaching up and around his neck." (Study participant)


"George Yancey, a professor of sociology at the University of North Texas and the study's lead author, believes that the height preferences of men and women can be explained by traditional societal expectations and gender stereotypes. He noted that it is a widespread perception that tall height is a personal asset for men and a personal liability for women. He said that the study's finding that height matters more to women supports the social system of patriarchy, in which males are the primary authority figures." (ScienceDaily)

"The masculine ability to offer physical protection is clearly connected to the gender stereotype of men as protectors...and in a society that encourages men to be dominant and women to be submissive, having the image of tall men hovering over short women reinforces this value." (George Yancy)


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