"Millennials Are Hooking Up Less Than Every Generation Since The 1920s"

Study: Sexual Inactivity During Young Adulthood Is More Common Among U.S. Millennials and iGen: Age, Period, and Cohort Effects on Having No Sexual Partners After Age 18. (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

Original Article: ScienceAlert

Study Background

"The study looked at 26,707 American adults, and asked them to state how many sexual partners they’d had between the ages of 18 and 24." (ScienceAlert)

Millennials and iGen: Born in the 1980s and 1990s

GenX'ers: Born in the 1960s and 1970s


"Contrary to popular media conceptions of a “hookup generation” more likely to engage in frequent casual sex, a higher percentage of Americans in recent cohorts, particularly Millennials and iGen’ers born in the 1990s, had no sexual partners after age 18." (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

"Kids today are having less sex than any other generation since the 1920s – a time when 5 percent of the global population had been killed off by the Spanish Flu." (ScienceAlert)

"This generation appears to be waiting longer to have sex, with an increasing minority apparently waiting until their early twenties or later," said lead author Jean Twenge from San Diego State University.

"Recent research also shows that, overall, millennials — people born between the early 1980s and 2000 — have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers and those in Generation X, the group immediately preceding them." (WashingtonPost)


"Delaying sex is not necessarily bad, experts say: Being intentional about when to have sex can lead to stronger relationships in the long run. The trend may also reflect that women feel more empowered to say no, said Stephanie Coontz, director of research at the Council on Contemporary Families.

“As people have gotten much more accepting of all sorts of forms of consensual sex, they’ve also gotten more picky about what constitutes consent,” Coontz said. “We are far less accepting of pressured sex.”

S: are concerned that the drop-off reflects the difficulty some young people are having in forming deep romantic connections. They cite other reasons for putting off sex, including pressure to succeed, social lives increasingly conducted on-screen, unrealistic expectations of physical perfection encouraged by dating apps and wariness over date rape." (WashingtonPost)Study


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