High sex is better than drunk sex.

Study: A Qualitative Investigation Comparing Psychosocial and Physical Sexual Experiences Related to Alcohol and Marijuana Use among Adults. (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

Original Article: ScienceAlert

"Alcohol and marijuana are two of the most prevalent psychoactive substances and each may result in distinct psychosocial and physical sexual experiences and different sexual risk behaviors. With marijuana becoming more accepted in the US along with more liberal state-level policies, it is important to examine and compare users’ psychosocial and physical sexual experiences and sexual risk behavior associated with these drugs." (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

Study Background

"The team recruited 24 New York-based heterosexual volunteers - 50/50 male and female, aged 18 and 35 - to talk candidly about their sex lives in a series of in-depth interviews. Each volunteer had experienced sex under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol (separately), so could speak to the effects." (ScienceAlert)


"According to a new, small, and in-depth study coming out of New York University, marijuana is a way healthier drug of choice — leading to “magnified” orgasms and less regret." (TheCut)

"Overall, drunk sex is riskier and worse for you than sex while high because:

• The “beer goggles” effect of alcohol did really lead to people sleeping with substandard partners and strangers, while being high on marijuana did not

• drunk sex commonly lead to feelings of regret, shame, and embarrassment after the act, while high sex did not • Drunk sex is more likely to make you feel nausea, dizziness, and sick versus high sex, which can make people feel distracted

• Pleasurable sensations during drunk sex are often numbed, while pleasurable sensations during high sex are often enhanced—including more intense orgasms while high on marijuana

• Drunk sex is riskier overall due to poor judgment while drunk, whereas people high on marijuana felt more in control" (FastCompany)

“Sexual encounters on marijuana tended to be with someone the individual knew... sex on alcohol was often with a stranger so the situation before sex may be much more important than the drug used.” (Dr. Palamar)


"Let’s be clear that this is an extremely small and not in any way diverse sample, but the researchers’ intent was less about coming up with a definitive answer that represents all walks of life, and more about setting a baseline upon which much larger studies can build in the future." (ScienceAlert)

“Interestingly, some users reported that the illegality of marijuana actually facilitated sexual interactions,” notes Dr. Palamar. “Since smoking marijuana recreationally is illegal in most states and smoking it tends to produce a strong odor, it usually has to be used in a private setting. Some individuals utilize such private or intimate situations to facilitate sexual encounters”. (nyu.edu)

“Research is needed continue to study sexual effects of recreational drugs to inform prevention to ensure that users and potential users of these drugs are aware of sexual effects associated with use.” (Dr. Palamar)


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